Crawford Quarry Operational Team

Tom Sylvester – Loader Operator & On-Site Customer Service

Tom Sylvester has been loading rock out of the Crawford Quarry for almost 20 years. He is known for his knowledge of the aggregates in our quarry and his willingness to go the extra mile for our customers. His expertise in loading everything from very large rock to small landscape rock is an asset to both customers and the company. If you have questions about the aggregate we provide, do not hesitate to come on-site and take a gander. Tom is at your service to provide a tour of our different products and can help you chose the right aggregate to meet your needs.

Trixie Sylvester – Scale Operator & Sales Administrator

Trixie Sylvester is in charge of running the scales at the Crawford Quarry, and is a born and raised Okanagan girl. Trixie grew up in a prominent Kelowna road construction business, giving her the necessary exposure to understand aggregates with a high level of detail and expertise. When approaching the Arthon Quarry, please report to Trixie at the scale and she will direct you accordingly. Trixie is also available via email or by phone five days a week for any sort of inquiry regarding products, billing, delivery facilitation, and all other general questions.