The Crawford Quarry, located in the Crawford Estates area of Kelowna, BC, has been a leading aggregate supplier to the Okanagan for over 20 years with operations beginning in 1992. The Crawford Quarry is a bulk and retail supplier, with all of the aggregate products created in-house. Arthon blasts the blue granite rock fresh out of their land resource, feeds it into their comprehensive crusher system, and outputs many different shapes, sizes and styles of aggregate product.

Arthon's rock has been of substantial use for landscaping products, custom masonry solutions, drain rock, crusher chip trails and pathways, rock walls, fireplaces, creative architecture, custom stepping-stones and staircases, and household gardening features. The unique blue granite contains an unlimited amount of possibilities. Simply decide what you’d like to do with the rock and we'll supply it. Consult your preferred landscaper or professional stonemason to get a taste of the many areas Arthon’s aggregate can provide a fit for your needs. 

Why Crawford Quarry?

The Crawford Quarry is the most competitively priced supplier in the Okanagan of the blue granite aggregate product. We do more than just facilitate bulk and large volume customers, we accept everyone, small-scale residential customers included. Whether it's half a yard or a full dump truck of aggregate, customers are welcome to come on-site for a consultation before purchase.